// VictorGalleguillos


Victor Galleguillos born in 1987 in Arica. He studied Advertising and Marketing in DUOC UC, Viña del Mar, Chile and Art Direction at Underground Advertising School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has worked and contributed with different artists within his design expertise which he recently took to the art scene, exhibiting and publishing his work for 280A Artspace in Vienna, Austria.



"El Tercer Migrante"

El Tercer Migrante is a photographic miniseries of digitally intervened pictures, in an attempt to achieve the construction of a transitory landscape between South America and Europe, a projection of an expectational, experienced and imagined land. By using my own photographic archive material of places I physically explored, I’ve built an artificial landscape, a virtual conglomeration land. Once we move on, the places we’ve been to do so too. The creation of those ctional landscapes form a migration ground for my mind in times of constant physical and emotional movement.