Artist Retreat // Exhibition EIKON Schaufenster,
MQ Vienna


A selected group of seven artists from our collective took up the task of documenting and recreating an entire island. This venture included recording and analyzing their own experiences and presence on the island as a new part of the studied territory. As they proceeded to (re)-create an isolated world, the individual artists turned from creators into mere replicas of themselves, revealing a world of (self)-images and questions.

Aren’t all images an echo of the very first image and the manifestation that humans are nothing more than selfies of God?



In the same way as the internet nurtures and sustains our own world, travelling through binary pulses at the bottom of the ocean that surround this island, and connects all the other islands and continents on earth, the artists found themselves fluctuating between light and darkness, depth and shallow waters, distance and connection.


Facing the ghosts of their own depictions and technological essays while dealing with the temptation of the snake that offers immortality through a small byte of a forbidden fruit, the artists dialogued with their own imperfections on the path of building a perfect (re)-creation.

EIKON Schaufenster

MQ Vienna

in cooperation with FOTO WIEN
March 1st - May 26th 2019

The documentation presented here is activated through the augmented reality app ARTIVIVE which offers the possibility of entering into a dialogue with a virtual world behind the images, establishing a metaphorical bond with the artists’ challenge in deciphering what lies beyond the physical island. If you decide to proceed looking at these reproductions bare this warning: Once you experience our creation, you are sentencing it to repeat itself. All that is repeated ceases to exist as just one thing its curse becomes its condition.

As each breath we take, every image and everything in this island, what is repeated, gets irretrievably lost.



EIKON Schaufenster

March 28th 2019

Thanks to our project partners and sponsors: 

BKA, Austrian Embassy in Lisbon, Goethe Institut, ARTIVIVE

Cooperation partners: