• The publication "SENTIMENTAL DEFENSE" is the result of an artist retreat held in February 2018 in the French town of Cassis. Eight artists of the collective gathered to produce new works within the topic of emotionality in contemporary post-photographic practice.

    "SENTIMENTAL DEFENSE" combines interception and protection of an emotionality or sentimentality within the artistic practice which does not necessarily need to be self-referred. The topic could also be understood in a much wider context. It leads us to an inevitable alienation of one’s own emotions in times of virtualization and the reduction to surfaces. The topic spreads until possible strategies of emotional defense in sociopolitical conflicts. It is an opportunity to return to our intuitive feelings and emotions, be it in art, the society or in our personality.





    With the works of:


    Martin Bollati (AR)

    Cihad Caner (TU/NL)

    Christiane Peschek (AT)

    Philipp Pess (AT/DE)
    Linn Phyllis Seeger (DE)

    Gianna Prein (AT/DE)

    Michaela Putz (AT)

    Magdalena Żołędź (PL/UK)