// MartinBollati

Martin Bollati lives and works between Buenos Aires and Madrid. His work plays around the relation between photography, fiction and political construction of History. In 2016 he cofounded the publishing house CHACO and in 2017 published and won, with the book Fin del Mundo by Nicolas Janowski, the Best Latinoamerican Book Award in the Coloquio Latinoamericano de Fotografía. He recently founded F.E.O.(Frente Editorial Organizado), which is a collective platform that promotes production of editorial pieces focused on political critique. Between 2015 and 2017 he was acknowledged with the XI Roberto Villagraz Grant and graduated with Master Degree in Conceptual Photography at EFTI, and also where he was awarded the Al Betrayal Award. Also he is selected finalist in the following calls: The Vevey International Photography, Premio Nexo Iberoamericano, 1st Gomma Photography Grant and FotoPres La Caixa 20º First Edition and Second Edition as well.


Martin Bollati’s work “untitled ruins” who defines the logic of the body as a constant echo(system) between what the body inhales and exhales, in regards to culture and vital pulse of creation and destruction. Following the thesis of “we are what we see and we see what we are” he asks questions like: What are our bodies then? Where are they? Who do they belong to? And the same questions towards the images: Is the body and image? Is the image a body? Can an image be a ruin?

A body certainly can.

"Diagonal History"

History and fiction play a substantial role in Bollati's photographic work in general. For our exhibition Transforming Memories he produced an installation titled Diagonal History. In 2015 ISIS militants demolished archaeological statues in the Mosul Museum, Iraq. From Youtube Videos Bollati captured the destruction of the sculptures in the moment of falling, creating a space to think about the act and the power of destruction.