// MagdalenaZoledz

(* 1989 in Poland) In 2017 she started a PhD programme in Photography at University of Arts in Poznan (PL), during which she plans to write a book about post-photography using her own scientific-artistic research method. A Post-photographer, author of essays, books and works, which she calls conceptual objects. In September 2018 she became a visiting research student at Slade School of Fine Art in London. Co-founder of ONE Project.





Magdalena Żołędź has created with her work “Melancholia”, a trailer-remake of the film ‘Melancholia’ by Lars von Trier. She used the soundtrack from the original movie to mix it with old VHS materials from her parents.

Von Trier raises essential existential issues surrounding human life: What is a catastrophe? How does a person react to the impending doom? Żołędź decided to create a peculiar omen of THE END - a real ending of love between her parents intertwined with fictional story of the end of the planet we live on. After all, she thinks of The Infernal Machine as a programmed catastrophe into human life, one that a person has no influence or whatsoever.

The tools that allow us to shape our view of the world are not to be neglected. From the beginning, photography was the attempt to stop the motions of the world according to the photographer’s sole discretion. Today we are aware that photography kills its subject, leaving it in the past forever. On the other hand, post-photography looks ahead into the future, appealing to completely new creative ways of shaping and editing reality.