Born in 1980, Julien Lombardi works and lives between Paris, Marseille and Mexico.

Having graduated with a Masters in Ethnology, he is an artist who uses photography as a tool of field research and visual investigation. 

His work gained widespread exposure when he was awarded the Bourse du Talent in 2009 for his series Artefact. This work is included in several French public collections (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Artothèque du Lot, Pôle photographique Le Château d'Eau). Since then, his work has been exhibited regularly in galleries, festivals and art centres in France and abroad.


Between 2012 and 2015, he began a project of documentary research in Armenia with the Institut Français Residency Program. 
The series L'inachevé [Unfinished] was awarded by  Marco Pesaresi Award (Italia), Kaunas Photo Star Award (Lituania), Prix Maison Blanche (France). It was exhibited in numerous places such as Festival Circulation(s), Athens Photo Festival or Backlight Photo Festival. This work was published in 2017 by Le Bec en l'Air editions.

In 2016, his recent work, EgoTour, was a part of Décontruction Photographique a group show at Topographie de l'Art in Paris, alongside works by Joan Fontcuberta, Alain Fleischer, Vera Lutter and Eric Rondepierre. 

Currently, Julien Lombardi is focusing on a multidisciplinary project on the issues that crossing a sacred territory in northern Mexico with the support of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

"Mémorie Flottante"

How can we probe our memory without any recollection of an event? 

Memory is permanent, yet it is often impossible to access specific moments, leaving us with only a glimpse that slips through our mind. Fragments of our lives are missing and we all have blank spots. How vast are these inner territories scattered with illegible script, grey areas and imprecisions?

The work produced for Transforming Memories explores this disturbing experience and the need to create recollections when our memory fails us. In the words of Umberto Eco, we produce "authentic fakes" to fill these gaps and write our own personal mythology. Over time, memory and confabulation become jumbled due to our desire to reminisce and our fear to remember. 

Mémoire Flottante is a photographic object that symbolizes the imperfection of the memory process and the manner in which two contradictory intentions - to reveal and to be able to forget - overlap.