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Plus loin que la noir et le jour 

Plus loin que la noir et le jour 

 > ELEVATE FESTIVAL Magazine, 2018

What significance does the collective have in a time of progressive individualization and virtuality? And what role does courage play in the context of giving up one’s own authorship as an artist and becoming absorbed in the collective? The collective explores these questions with the visualization of the festival’s theme “Courage / Risk”.

Courage as a visual journey in the form of an experimental border crossing in which aesthetic and representative conventions are broken up in the presentation of the individual picture contributions; in which the individual works of the artists dissolve in the course of the confusion within the collective in favour of a comprehensive (anti) aesthetics. 


The individual works of the internationally networked collective are uncompromisingly merged and de-contextualised. The overlaying of the individual contributions, their duplication and fragmentation, which is sometimes driven beyond recognition, means that the individual artists, who are mainly active in the post-photographic field, are faced with the risk of drowning in the group, the larger whole of the group subordinate - and thereby lose in individual importance. To what extent does this risk pose risks to artistic representation?

The risk as an awakening: In this sense, the editorial is both a question and a statement in the design of an overall aesthetic, in which the contents of a generation of risk-conscious artists merge into a conglomeration of a group and playfully serve content from reality and virtuality.







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