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Virtual Reality-Artist Retreat // Exhibition U10 Artspace, Belgrade


















Virtual Reality Symposium //


Christiane Peschek

Michaela Putz

Ernst Lima

Philipp Pess

 Isidora Krstic

VR:Martina Menegon

Sound:Ernst Lima

For Church of Ego, a selected group of confidants had

been gathered in a virtual symposium, a transformative

process through different realms of the digitalized self.

The exhibited positions are artefacts of devotion to the

Church of Ego about to arise.

Church of Ego remembers all the faces and all the

voices and it rejoices over each new one.





You chose your own belief.

Are you a fundamentalist?

Your belief is empty.

It lacks devotion.

That’s why you need rituals and repetition.

You need clicks, swipes, flicks, taps.

Links, hacks, likes, feeds, adds.

You need selfies.

Your selfies are empty rituals of your self.

All your photos will become the archive of yourself.

Your virtual graveyard.

Your digital self is a double. A duplicity.

Privacy, publicity, audiences, and the self

– they are deeply intertwined.

You exist only in relation to one or to the other.

Your self is not so much a static identity as a story,

a story made out of your past experiences,

future hopes and immediate surroundings.

Your self is not a given;

it is made and learned like a language.

You created your virtual self as a means of the

embodiment of your optimisations.

You are your own hyper-reality.

Imagine becoming your alter ego, your own avatar.

You are the embodied manifestation of your own ideas.

All the bright and all the dark aspects of yourself

orchestrate the melody of your song.

A song that you need to hear first, before anyone else.

But in order to hear it, you have to learn to listen.

The shadow is always there and will always be there.


Your dark side is concealed or camouflaged, it’s your painful

attempt to protect an image

thats fits the narrative you decided

to maintain for yourself.

Do you feel the distant tremor?

JUST BELIEVE in the divine force that will rescue you from your suffering.

Imagine you are dead now. You are not buried under the ground.

Your face and your appearance is clearly visible. You shine for all eternity.

You are your own church now. Worship and embrace it, you have become

your own religion.



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